I’m going to write to the United States government’s Congressional Budget Office (communications@cbo.gov) to recommend this game. I’ll also suggest that if their models can be revealed to the public, then it may be in their interest to collaborate on D3 (or get the game and make their own “mod”) as a public outreach/education project.

As with all things Congressional (i.e. democratic), many voices are louder than one. If you like the idea and/or can add to it, then write your own comment to the address above.

For those who don’t know, the non-partisan CBO estimates economic, revenue etc impacts of (US) Federal taxes, spending and regulation (both proposed and enacted). They try to do for real (the economic part) of what the game does in our computers. Since they’ve spent millions of dollars developing models and honing their predictions to converge upon reality, I am hoping that there’s something usable and/or educational there (and maybe some PR and/or R&D money to support game development and sponsor its distribution).