Halby's Democracy 3 Max Difficulty Quick Guide

If you don’t like being assassinated, or having a debt crisis, perhaps you can spare 3 minutes to hear a little advice on the matter?

youtube.com/watch?v=tQPnwpzt … oE&index=1

Thanks for listening, and I hope this was helpful.

Also, if I got anything wrong, or you have advice for future projects, let me know, and if you’ve built up more than a 5 trillion dollar surplus in a 2 term max difficulty america playthru, I want to hear how, so I can make a video about it. :slight_smile:

thanks for posting this! This was exactly what I needed to get a feel of how others play the game. Great job!

Excellent walk through, but what bad economics. Raise tax to hell and in a normal economy you would kill the economy, retard GDP, and create massive unemployment and massive deficits. Here you get a budget surplus. NOT IN REAL LIFE! Need to fix the algorithms or accept your socialist/communist bias. I would suggest to fix the math and allow victory both through socialist and capitalist methods, which measures real life, see present day Germany and present day USA.

Hey, another good idea is to raise the CO2 tax to 75%. It comes at a cost of 10% on gdp but well worth it. I agree that its not realistic but it helps you win on 200% difficulty.