CD Delivery

Hi everyone,

a question to cliffski. I’m interested in buying Democracy 2 and Kudos 2, and i’m wondering whether to buy the download version or the cd-delivery version. Except from the obvious, what’s the difference in the content ?
I mean, will i get anything more with the cd-delivery version, like a box and a manual, or any extra worth mentioning ? Or just a normal cd with the title of the game hand-written on it ?

Also, i’m ordering from Italy. Are there any extra costs besides the 10$ for the delivery ?

Thanks for your time

Get Download.


I wasn’t aware it was still even an option. Get the download. you can burn it to a CD as a backup if you like.

Ok i bought the download version!


Er, what country is that? Is that a mod you have on your game?

It’s the sweden mod found on the mod list on this website.