Clarification of some financial information


Having now got the idea of building a factory and add bits to the cars I’m trying to delve a bit more into pricing rather than just adding new loans every time I run out of money! I’ve encountered a few questions if someone can assist me - I did search on the forums but it appears that this area of the game is fairly fluid at the moment and I haven’t see a definite answer.

  1. What exactly do the ‘market value’ figures refer to? I saw somewhere that it’s the price people are willing to pay, but if my basic car is showing a market value of $7,600 why are people still buying my cars at $12,000? If I look at the air conditioning market value that shows $118 but the aircon unit itself is priced at $477 which seems like you’d make a ridiculous loss.
  2. Is there any way to see the amount that a car has cost to build? If I click on a car it appears to show the same figure as the basic car market value.
  3. Is there any way to turn OFF upgrades? If an upgrade becomes non cost efficient I might not want to use it any more, but currently the only way I can see to get around that is to remove the assembly unit and create it again.

Thanks, and apologies if any of the above are daft questions :slight_smile:

Hi, currently you cant turn off upgrades but it is planned for the future.
The market value stuff is changing a lot between the current build, and the upcoming 1.15, which is expected on thursday or maybe friday this week. The financial balance of the game will also change for the better then!

The ‘cost to produce’ metric is not available and here is why…

What costs would be included? Just the component cost? what if the component cost changes between ordering and fitting? what if some are made locally and some imported? do you include the rent for the area taken up just by the slots working on the car? or by the whole factory? to what extent do you attribute power costs to car production vs research, and over how long do you depreciate capital investment and research costs?

I could pick arbitrary answers to all those questions, and then display a figure, but if I do display a figure people will expect it to be 100% accurate, and like in real-world business…its really not that simple :D. Thats what makes business interesting :smiley:

I was about to come here and say ‘ignore the above, I’ve just seen the latest dev blog’!

Although watching the video I’m still bemused about the market value.

If you look at this link from the blog (12:12 on the video) you’ll see that an aircon unit costs $482.

If you then look when you’re demonstrating the new market value it shows that air con has a value of $184.

Unless I’m misunderstanding (quite possible!) this looks like air con would be a really bad feature to have, as it’s going to cost you several hundred dollars to actually put it in over the amount you’d make from selling it?

Indeed, the market prices for a ton of features are currently nonsense. I’m working through giant formulas and spreadsheets right now.
For example aircon should have a market value (by my new spreadsheet) of about $965, not the base $250 the game is using :smiley:

Most of the features are currently hugely overpriced though. antilock brakes are worth $200 but cost the player roughly $50 fit!
(I’m changing this all for the next build).

Awesome, sounds like 1.15 is going to be a big (and positive!) change :slight_smile: