Cliff is ill -> There will be a slight delay

Hiya! I am the designer/ programmer of this game, as some of you know. I’ve been away for the last week at GDC, and warned people that I’d therefore skip 2 weekend videos and not get any code done. This is normally fine, and I was expecting to fly back Saturday and be coding by Sunday morning…
I have caught some horrible flu/eye-infection thing at GDC and am feeling very ill. I’m sure its just a short-term thing and expect to be totally fine by the end of the week, and I’m actually ok enough to type this, but my headache and eyes are bad enough that I’m not really able to code.
So there will be a slightly longer than normal delay until the next update.

The good news is our talented artist dude is currently working on some new character animations, so work is happening on the game even while I’m ill. We also have some new company icons scheduled.

I’ll try and remember to update this post when I’m feeling 100% again.

Get well soon, bud!

Get well soon!

Get well soon!

Sorry to hear that Cliff. Yes, there is a lot of crap going around. Take the time you need to get better so you don’t relapse!

95% better now :smiley: