Could someone create me a Policy? Please.

I cant hack the abillity to create a new policy because my PC is playing up. Would somebody be so kind as to make one for me. I was thinking for an idea if its possible ‘Immigration Tax’ which taxes immigrants minimum income 200 million maximun income 4 billion.

Discriprion: ‘A tax which heavely taxes all immigrants entering our country’

Could it put votes up with Patriots and Conservitives and Wealthy, Poverty go down by 3%. votes down with Liberals and Socialists, Unemployment go up by 0.78%.

That would be good if you could do that, if not then thats ok just I dont have anything on my laptop to write on. (I know it wont actually tax immigrants because techinquly they dont exist but its just the effect that counts)

I know it sounds a bit rude like “Do this for me now” but its something I have always wanted to do since buying the game and its not going to be possible for me to do so please. Any other tweaks just make it up. Thanks if anyone can, just email me the document at:

Done. Although economic migrants wouldn’t really affect employment, if they have the money to get into the country by paying immigration tax then it’s likely they’ll be coming here to setup their own business, or are doing skilled labour that the average Joe Public just isn’t qualified or educated to do – but to the Daily Mail reading public, it would LOOK like they are taking jobs – so instead of actually causing unemployment, it has now simply ruffled the feathers of the working classes & of trade unionists. …