Immigration Policy?

What about adding an actual immigration policy? Right now, all I can see that affects the level of immigration is boarder controls. In Canada, we have a targeted number of yearly immigrants, such as 300,000. It is also based on level of education, wealth, and other factors for individual immigrants. The gov’t tweaks this yearly depending on job demand and other factors. This would be a great addition. You could choose how many and how easy it is for people to immigrant to your country. There’s also the issue of family members coming and being sponsored. There is also the problem of people coming and getting citizenship but not really living here, but they get access to health care and other services.

I think immigration is a bit simple in this game.


This would be good. Especially if a points based system is introduced

One thing I’ve noticed is that if you have GDP and like human development maxed out, immigration automatically maxes out too. I haven’t tried building a border wall yet, but border control and citizenship test don’t have much of an effect at this stage!

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the border wall does affect it but, yeah at the minute high GDP just means i have a massive flow of migration which means my hospitals are permanently overcrowded

I managed to get rid of overcrowding but had to max out the nhs to do it

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Banning foreign church service also has a huge impact on immigration for some reason.