Country Specific Policies and more!

First of all, let me say the new user interface looks stunning. Kudos to the developer for making it more eye-pleasing.

  1. But the one thing I have to criticise is the generic policies which are applied to all countries. What I’m trying to say is; If I’m selecting a country like USA, the issues they likely face are Illegal Immigration and War on Terrorism. Such policies and issues should be present in the game and how to eradicate them using different policies. And I could go on with the same situation in the UK, France and Germany.

I would like country specific policies that one can implement to solve a country specific problem.

  1. New Policies on Taxes: We have seen the same taxations since the first democracy. Would really like the “revenue” generating tax systems to have more options to tax the wealthy, the middle class and the poor class.