General problems and issues

Okay, i just bought the game and after about 5 hours playing britain ive noticed a few issues.
random events like the law on whaling, internet tracking dont seem to have much game effect and the game doesnt even memorize that it occured, some events ive probably responded to 3 or 4 times.
also the brain drain i found impossible to get rid of, the things which increased it was income tax, mansion tax and luxury tax, i ended up removing luxury and mansion tax completely and reduced income tax as much as it would reduce its effect on brain drain. the only way to end it i assume would be to cancel the income tax, but thats about half of my income so thats a no go.
as well, at first, maybe the first 3 hours everything worked great, i really had to think about in what to invest and how to reduce homelessness and unemplyment, then i figured out that investment subsidies like technology, rural development greatly increased the gpd, which inturn reduces things like unemployment, crime, homelessness. so i just ended up maxing those out completely increasing my gdp each turn by so much that i was able to maximize my spending in basically everything which i wanted to invest, great healthcare, education, transportation, low taxes which in turn further increased my gdp.
i ended up with full health, education and zero unemployment (at the report page).
also the international feeling is really subtle, i basically ignored the international policies because they have hardly any effect, theres no visualization of the other nations. i generally supported the bills like banning land mine production but it was like nobody cares.
ahh also, i had 99% approval, even though the religious and capitalist didnt like me at all. the oposition had like 100,000 votes, and about 1 or 2 million withheld votes.

Hi there,

  • Each dilemma does have an ingame effect, but you might have to hunt around a little to find them. From the top of my head, the whaling one gives or loses you rep with the Environmentalists/Farmers depending on which way you go, while the internet tracking one is between Capitalists and Liberals. Refusing internet tracking also has a negative effect on your GDP. After each dilemma, check the influences screen for whoever you think it affected - it’ll be down at the bottom.

  • As with most of the situations, you sometimes need to think outside the box and have a dig through your toolkit of policies. In this case, your friend is Tax Shelters - reassure the super-rich that you won’t tax them too hard, and they’ll soon come back.

  • If you’re finding the game too easy, have you tried moving the difficulty slider up at mission selection? Believe me, 200% difficulty is a whole different beast. Also, have you tried some of the other missions? The USA and Australia seem to be the more difficult two of the original missions, but if you feel like putting yourself through hell, run Xietanu’s Greece mod on 200%!

  • It’s not uncommon to win by an absolute landslide even if a couple of groups hate you, for two reasons. Firstly, if you’ve been running policies which offend them, it’s quite likely you’ve reduced their numbers, so not many of your voters are religious. Secondly, there’s no such thing as a religious voter. Try pulling up a focus group for the religious and looking through the members. You’ll note that each voter is influenced by half a dozen different priorities, so while their religious views lead them to hate you, it might be outweighed by the fact that you make their commute to work really easy, provided great education for their kids, and don’t tax them too much (for example). All of these factors combine to give their final opinion, which is that while you’re still a filthy apostate, you do run a good country, so they’ll vote for you!

Hope this helps with some of your issues.

okay, thanks, that explains a lot.
I started a game as germany with 200% difficulty, ill see how it goes.
But those random events still dont get memorized by the game, which causes them to come up again which i found kinda ruins the mood a bit when you keep banning whaling and internet tracking, it feels like nobody cares.

I had forgotten the tax umbrella, should have tried it. Is there an endgame goal?
Also how do the different countries differ, i mean yes they have different statistics but gameplay wise, i am maybe 1 hour into germany and policy or gameplay wise it doesnt seem different.

I still think a stronger implementation of international trade, policies and conflict would benefit the game.
One last thing, i found that the terrorist organizations can be completely ignored, since for one the only thing i found with which i could counter it was the secret police budget which i maxed out but it still only said my defence was dequate. Plus it doesnt seem like they are much of a threat, i mean there are some pipeline bombings at times but those arent events which really influence me except that the oil price changes.
Does military affect this?

EDIT: hahah, well as germany i lost the election, i went into a landslide debt effect. tryed USA, wow, at 200% they really start with a lot of problems, alcohol abuse, homelessness, asthma, pollution and some other stuff, again huge debt problem, over 10000bn i think it was, i got assasinated by an organization of angry capitalists, i find they are really hard to please, they are always against all taxes, yet because of the debt i cant lower them, it really goes down a spiral.
I think what would be great is if you loose the election you dont loose the game, but can go up for reelection, because if the country is down the drain its really hard to get it out but still get reelected.

Thanks for any tips