Deleting items and resource conveyor paths

I believe deleting items behaves like this:

  • If not holding shift, first delete non-resource conveyors, then resource conveyors.
  • If holding shift, first delete resource conveyors, then non-resource conveyors.
  • You need to click once per item removed.

I’d prefer if the two modes were completely distinct. I find it awkward to accurately target the resource conveyors, and if mis-clicking would never delete the wrong thing, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal. If I’m holding shift, only resource conveyors are deleted. If I’m not, resource conveyors are never deleted. (If I click on a resource conveyor while not shifting a “Shift-click to remove resource conveyors” bubble could appear.

Relatedly, while holding shift, no matter what I have selected, I’d like to see the green boxes-and-lines display of the resource conveyors. I regularly want to size up potential resource conveyor routes before starting by clicking and holding.

Finally, occasionally I’d like the ability to click-hold-and-drag to delete a bunch of stuff. Usually this is conveyor belts or resource conveyors, so perhaps the behavior could be limited to those: if my click-hold-and-drag begins on a conveyor belt or resource conveyor, it deletes any of the identical item until I release.