difficulty settings

Just bought game.Silly question no1.
Do I move slider left to make difficulty setting easier? Thats how I like to start games,cos I’m pretty stupid.
How can I tell the effect it will have on the game?
I have seen a post by Mark Shot mentioning settings , where can I them ?
Thanks,in advance for any help.

hi left is easier, right is harder. difficulty affects how happy the voters tend to be, and how much money is raised by taxes or caused by events and policies. It basically scales everything :smiley:

Thanks for your early morning answer Boss-man.
So question 2.
If i change options and/or advanced options,how do I reset to default as I have no numerical guidelines or guide markings?
Can I find a value for each change by delving into the game files?
As I can’t get back to your original settings,I hesitate to alter anything.