Electricity/Energy Tax

A tax to reduce electricity consumption.

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Do you know a country that taxes electricity?

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Boulder, Colorado & the European Union. It’s called an energy tax.

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I wish electricity had a noticeable impact on the environment, but it doesn’t. Now here’s an hypothetical board!

The Energy Tax:

  • Pleases the environmentalists.
  • Increases the membership of environmentalists considering that the government is taxing the energy for the sake of nature.
  • Capitalists are angry because their companies might depend on energy.
  • It decreases the income of industrial machinery because they’re powered by electricity so you’d rather give up on them. Might upset the capitalists even more. And if industrial machinery still is present, this tax should decrease the unemployment that it causes (chain reactions!!).

Energy tax is affected by:

  • Decreased energy intakes (lowers income)

Now, it should also be affected by electrical cars~ if electrical cars aren’t powered by the sun itself.

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Yes, very astute observation! :slight_smile:

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Just in Spain:

  • Municipal levy: 1.5% used to fund local expenses.
  • Electric tax: 5.1127% used to fund autonomic expenses (used to be for coal minig subsidies)
  • Generation tax: 7% used to fund state expenses(currently not applied).

And, while technically not taxes could be modeled in that way:

  • “Déficit de tarifa”: the pay of some debt produced for electricity prices not scalling to cover cost in the past.
  • “Primas a las renovables, residuos y cogeneración”: subsidies to renewables, trash to power and cogeneration directly charged on the electric bill.

So yes there are a lot of taxes on electricity, or charges that could be modeled in that way since we are making these things in the game.


I suggest for it to not be implemented because there’s no energy data besides energy efficiency.

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I think that it’s a good idea, but in order to use it to mimic how some envirommental policies are charged on top of the electricity or how some barbaric countries that deserve desapear may use it for getting money, not for random evirommental reasons.

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It can be a reduction in the energy industry.

Well, the problem here is that the wasted energy doesn’t quite affect the in-Democracy games universe environment.

Higher efficiency reducrs co2 emissions, lower gdp reduces co2 emissions, so this tax would have that effect. Increasing effiviency while reducing gdp (by contrwcting the energy industry) and hence, reducing co2 emissions.

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