Feedback on health (1.07)

Here’s a collection of issues I have on the topic of health.

  • Why doesn’t Doctors Strike have an effect on Healtcare Demand? There are less people getting treatment when doctors are striking.

  • Should disease outbreaks have an impact on Doctors Strike? I can see how many would stop that since it’s an emergency.

  • Another issue with Doctors Strike is that it seems that better wages increases the problem. Isn’t better wages one of the things they are striking for?

  • Healthcare Demand/Hospital Overcrowding should have a negative effect on health since people have to wait longer to get help. While this itself reduces lifespan this may be a direct cause, especially among the elderly. Take cancer for example. The earlier it is discovered the less likely you are to die from it.

  • No one likes Healthcare Demand/Hospital Overcrowding, not just parents and the retired. Except for the rich and the poor to the degree they can afford it

  • Respiratory Diseases aren’t filling hospital beds nor having a negative impact on health as the description states. I think there should be more demographics with a negative view towards it, notably enviromentalists.

  • Healthcare Demand should increase Private Healthcare

  • The Enviroment have a positive effect on health. Especially mental health. Should health be an effect with or without lifespan?

  • There’s a lot of documentation that say that eating less meat is good for your health.

  • Why is Agricultural Subsidies bad for your health?

  • Should Overcrowded Cells and Prison Regime have an impact on health?


Love all your suggestions. Second every single one of them. My 2ct:

IMO, yeah, strikes should be reduced by better wages, not improved.
However, boosting worker laws (which do also increase wages) may increase strikes, as striking becomes easier. - Technically though, it probably shouldn’t by itself cause strikes. It should scale other stuff. If you’re angry about something, stronger worker laws mean you have an easier time getting your demands heard. If you aren’t angry about anything, you will just not demand anything, or at least not particularly strongly…

IMO, because there are such huge disparities between “regular” and “mental” health, this really should be separated out somehow. Lots of places do a pretty decent job at treating various bodily issues. But mental health very, very often gets the short end of the stick. There should be issues and policies specific to this. And Suicide Rate should probably become a stat because that actually is quite a solid, economy-scale issue in some places.

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I didn’t think that a good enviroment also promotes trips and hiking. Suicide Rate is an excellent idea. This is a serious dilemma with people happy too see something be done with. I believe intelligent people struggle more with depression and loneliness than other people so it could have a small effect on Skill Shortage. Then there’s veteran suicide.

some very good points here, thankyou for your excellent feedback. The original assumption was that agricultural subsidies produced cheaper food, which led to obesity and thus worse health, but that was before we had the current model in terms of complexity. I’ll check we do not have any redundant links here… Also very true that doctors shouldnt strike during a crisis.