Industrial Automation could affect Healthcare Demand?

A few people have raised frustrations over how hospital overcrowding can only really be vanquished when those pushing state systems wheel out healthcare vouchers, then cancel them in two turns to be rid of the situation, because only that bump to private healthcare can do anything for you.

An alternative to this awkward solution would be to have automation affect healthcare demand. There’s plenty of talk upon how predictive systems, AI administration, and body simulations can aid doctors and nurses in their work.

If the automation value is slammed into the ceiling of the graph I feel like it’d give hospitals a reprieve, as that seems to be one of the big places I’ve heard automation developers claim to be providing for, and that’d fix this frustration people are having with the overcrowding situation without trivialising it


It certainly should have an affect. But if you’re not funding enough health infrastructure, should all your problems disappear by just maxxing out industrial automation?

No, of course not, and I’m the first person to pour cold water on the overpowering of excitable nerd nonsense.

It’s simply that you do 100% see health automation becoming a conversation in the wake of staff shortages. Health is a massive, massive industry, and there are never enough people. Hence the devs modelling the concept of healthcare demand.

But since the posting of this, hospital overcrowding has become a lot more manageable of a problem, so I’m not sure the conversation is still pertinent.

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Still, automation should have an effect on the health industry. I hope Cliff sees this.