Fighter Radiation Weapon

The order is a great expansion, but if Cliffski feels like making the new module count bigger, I had a few ideas for fighter radiation weapons:
Ordered from least gratuitous to most gratuitous.

  • A fighter mounted radiation gun with little to no armor penetration, but will rip apart unarmored fighters and capital ships. Basically a more extreme fighter pulse laser.

  • A slow firing, heavy radiation bomb with a low minimum range so it could be used inside shields. I was thinking that this could be a quick use suicide weapon, which could get a bomb or two off per fighter on fleets with good antifighter defenses. Basically, if you only have budget for a couple wings of fighters, and are afraid that they will just die uselessly, the radiation bomber is a safe bet for at least a little havoc. The dps of the bomber would be much lower than laser fighters, so if you are expecting fighter superiority, the bomber is not a good choice.

  • I’m surprised no other American has suggested this before :stuck_out_tongue: , but: a heavy, expensive cloaking module for fighters. Once again, this will make your torpedo/radiation bombers much more survivable, but the module will be expensive enough that you can field 50% less or so.

So, yeah, not holding my breath on any of these ideas, but they might be fun for mods, at least.