[Fixed 1.25][Bug 1.24] Game Crash

Attached save game crashes within a few moments of loading with or without any input. Originally occurred when placing a resource conveyor.
This began before and has continued after my update to 1.24.

EDIT: Will sit there happily and let me build while paused, but will still crash after a moment or two of running the simulation.
crashlog.zip (684 KB)

Thanks! I just got it to crash as you described, so I’ll be working on identifying this problem today. Sorry its happening. Nice factory layout BTW :smiley:

edit: I can see the exact bit of the layout causing the crash, and can fix it with some edits, I’m just not 100% sure exactly how its causing the crash… FWIW the loop between the axels and the drive shaft where you have ‘crossroads’ is what is somehow causing the crash :frowning:
Still investigating…

I removed that section and directly connected them with no loops… Still crashes :frowning: Would you mind shedding some light on the edits you performed to get it to work pretty please :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ve put a few hours into this one.

For what its worth, Ive had some crashes today when placing crossroad conveyors while running in low, Med, and High Speed today. Its typically where I have the end of a Loop, and add another station to it. The New Conveyor is getting put down when it crashes, and a car may be trying to cross it. Not sure if this will help the troubleshooting at all.

Is it all in the same expansion area? I can build conveyor loops all over the shop, and have since I managed to get past my original error - but just not in one particular expansion area.

I’m 99% sure I fixed this late last night BTW. So expect a fix in the next build. I certainly can load up that save game and it runs just fine now (without any changes). I need to do a bit more testing to be sure that hasn’t broken anything else, but I don’t think it will have.