Have you considered a mobile version?

The way the User Interface works with all the bubbles, I think it would make a great mobile app. If you want to see what it’s affecting you could just leave your finger on the policy. I’m not sure what the problems would be and I’m sure you’ve thought about it, but I still think it would make a great mobile app.

One day! The game does use a lot of memory though…

It’s 2017 and top higher tier tablets and phones are pretty darn fast now! Any chance you’re reconsidering mobile these days?

it means working with apple (who treat developers like dirt) or on android (where piracy is 95%+), so either way, it makes no commercial sense :frowning:

Wait, I’m a bit confused. I just realised Democracy 3 already exists on iOS:

itunes.apple.com/us/app/democra … 25717?mt=8

So a mobile (at least tablet) version already exists! I’ll just pick that up and be on my merry way.