Help please? d3dx9_42.dll is missing

I am tryng to update the new patch on my pc but i keep on getting an error
‘The program can’t start because d3dx9_42.dll is missing from your computer.’
I’m running on Windows 7

Can anyone help?

I remember an issue like this from a previous patch when Cliff switched to using Win7 on his build machine. Are you sure you’re using the latest patch?

This is a symptom of installing the patch in the wrong place, because this means you have a shorytcut to run the game which doesnt have the whole game installed alongside the patch. Just re-run the patch and make sure you install it to the exact same place as the whole game.

Click on the link provided below to download d3dx9_42.dll file and follow the steps given here. … /download/

Step1: Copy the downloaded file and paste it at the following location.

If you running a 32 bit OS, path will be
C: / Windows / System32
And If you running a 64 bit OS, path will be
C: / Windows / SysWOW64

Note: C: It is the drive in which your windows is installed.

Step 2: After copy the file there, restart your windows.

Hi james,

This type of problem usually occurs when setup.dll is missing from your computer. This dll file can be downloaded from here.
Download it and then extract the downloaded zip file to the Windows System32 folder, which is located in Windows Drive.

Interesting that we get two identical responses, one calling the DLL by the wrong name, and both from users with no previous posts…

Anyway, probably best to try Cliff’s instructions first.

Yep, that’s not common to see.

But the d3dx9_n°.dll missing error is VERY common in the gaming community, no matters what game is, ALWAYS someone has that problem… talking in general based on my experience of course.

As the two new guys users said, that is the most common solution to a common error, just downloading the .dll from dllcentral or dllfactory :slight_smile:

I can assume that ruthielmoore and mary.tarmer99 have been registered just with the objetive of help to James, and somthing that i admire is when some people wants to help without even knowing who is needing help.

When i faced the same problem i downloaded d3dx9_42.dll from one of the dll sites (cant remember which one). I overwritten it and since then everything worked just fine. I think it should work what guys above me wrote to you (the links).


I faced with this error yesterday and i follow your tips. I downloaded d3dx9_42.dll from and overwritten it in my windows/system32 folder. This error is old as a world but it still appears sometimes.