Hi All

I bought this game a few days ago. I wondered, if there was a way to mod and found this forum after finding a few tutorials i have since made my first mod. Still need to make some adjustments and figure out how to put in custom turrets and sounds but here is the Arcadia from Space Pirate Captain Harlock.

Welcome to the forum! I see you’ve already started your modding career :wink:

Wow! is that really your first mod? Great!!!

Kudos to you! keep on at it!

Thanks for the compliments guys :slight_smile: Yes this is my first mod for this game but I am a graphics designer and do have a bit of experience working on some modding projects for Nexus The Jupiter Incident, and Sins of a Solar Empire. That said modding in this game is very different and refreshingly easy :slight_smile:

Will you be uploading anytime soon? I’m fan of mecha in general, and the Arcadia is iconic to some extent for me, can’t wait to use it!

i can sure, but i haven’t even started on the turrets. Need to make the main turrets all fire 3 beams and need a rack of missiles on the back

I see… Can you release just the hull first though?