how to install mods correctly

As the title says, i need help installing mods. I’ve tried for2 days and still can not figure it out. I don’t think i am putting the mods in the right spot and if i am i don’t know how to activate them. I use steam btw, i saw the steam post already but it didn’t help. If someone could give me step by step instructions i would really appriciate it.

Hi danc0320,

there are two common ways to install the mod.
You can put the mod folder into the main directory and the mod file into ./data/mods.
Second method is to put all files in the mod directory.

I prefer the second method, so here’s a step to step guide.

  1. Put the mod file into \data\mods
    The file should look like this:
name = "<MOD FOLDER NAME>" 
path = "data\mods\<MOD FOLDER NAME>"
guiname = "<DISPLAY NAME>"
author = "<YOUR NAME>"
  1. Create a Folder named inside \data\mods

  2. Create the following directory structure, depending on what you add (country, policies, simulation…)
    \data\mods<MOD FOLDER>\data

<MOD FOLDER>\data\mods\bitmaps
<MOD FOLDER>\data\mods\bitmaps\flags <- Put flag-file and compass file* in here
<MOD FOLDER>\data\mods\bitmaps\missions <- Put detail country image file in here
<MOD FOLDER>\data\mods\bitmaps\policies <- Put policy-icons* in here

<MOD FOLDER>\data\mods\missions<COUNTRY NAME> <- Put your country file in here
<MOD FOLDER>\data\mods\missions<COUNTRY NAME>\scripts
<MOD FOLDER>\data\mods\missions<COUNTRY NAME>\overrides

<MOD FOLDER>\data\mods\names <- Put a namefile in there if you use that

<MOD FOLDER>\data\mods\simulation <- Here you can store policies.csv, simulation.csv …
<MOD FOLDER>\data\mods\simulation\dilemmas <- Only used when you have created dilemmas

  • compass-file is named “compass_”
  • policy icons are named “”

Hope this small guide helps you creating a mod, feel free to ask further questions