I can't access the strings via Localizor

Hi everyone. I am a native Turkish speaker, and I am trying to reach Democracy 4’s strings via Localizor.
But I’m getting the error, that can be seen on screenshot I provided. Is it a me problem, should I do something to fix this? Or is it a Localizor side problem? Thanks!


I’ve heard that some community localization projects were ongoing (like above or using crowdin) I assume that the developer isn’t managing their progress. I’ve heavily contributed to the fan-made Korean localization, which was done via GitHub with a handful of members instead of Crowdin or Localizor (got official localization later that year). So I’d recommend you to create a workshop mod for that or make a group for it. In my case, only 2 main contributors with a handful of helping hands were enough.

If you are just asking where to find the official localization files (english texts for reference), go to installation directory and find ‘translations’ folder.


Thanks for your answer. I am guessing that I will have to make the translations myself for Turkish, without using a UI website.

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