Need translators of any languages! (DEMOCRACY 3 TRANSLATION)

If someone want to translate the game in his own language he can join the translation group I made on transifex here :

Just create an account on the website and join translation group of your own language.
Then you can directly start to translate the game online.

NOTE : Please don’t use automatic translator, it’s useless.

Thanks to all potential translators:)

I was thinking about it, but I’m not sure game supports polish special characters such as ‘ó ę ą ł ż ź’ because .ini encoding is in ASCI and when I change to UTF-8 whole text in game goes crazy.

That’s true. In French we can’t use any accent. But the program I made to reinject strings inside game’s files delete special chars. In French we can understand even if it can be sometime a little bit confusing. But I don’t know in polish.

So you can translate in polish with special chars and it will be ok.
Anyway if game developer add UTF8 support it would be nice for translators:)

Please tell me, everything from ‘Main sentences’ goes to strings.ini or is it from more than just this one file? I wanted to download it to check out some things but I can’t do it correctly, can you tell me something more about this program you said post before? Can I download it somewhere or you made it by yourself?

No sentences come from many differents files. I used a program I made to extract them. This program can then reinject all the strings to game files.

You can find it here : … taller.exe

Source code is here :

Anyway I still didn’t publish the last version which can reinject tiltles and buttons. I will do it soon but you can use it for the moment for main sentences without any problem. Read readme on the project page to understand how it work.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Ok I’ve downloaded to check out and seems it doesn’t translate special characters right. For example if there’s ś it’s not changed into s, instead there’s just ??. Still great program though, just wanted to let you know :slight_smile: Should I start translating without special characters or you can do something about it and we can continue same as now?

Ah I will remove specials chars for polish on next release soon. Don’t worry.
For the moment I did it just for French.
But you can continue to translate with them.

Ok I just publish v0.4 which can now inject titles and buttons string and remove Polish diacritics. Tell me if it work.

Anyway, even if it work by removing accents and diacritics it would be nice if developer add UTF8 support with future patch :slight_smile:

Hi dragouf, This is a good post for game downloader. But I am looking a language translator. Have you any suggestion regarding translation. Help me?
Language Translation Agency

I would like to translate the game in Portuguese

How can I incorporate a translation from transifex. I have downloaded portuguese but do not know how to update program.

please …
i face a problem translating it arabic (arabic characters does not appear)
and thanks …