I do not really know how to mod Democracy 4


I do not really know how to mod Democracy 4, but I would love to be able to mod the game. I know that, allegedly, Democracy 4 should not be hard to mod at all. I have not modded the game before however, but I think that I am very close to modding Democracy 4.

So basically, I would like to get some help with modding the game. I have followed your instructions on Youtube (as good as I understand and can) Cliff Harris (Democracy 4:s game developer), and I have seen your modding instructions on the “Positech games modding guide for Democracy 4” but I am a litte stuck. I am stuck when it comes to adding my mod:s preview image, because I do not really know how I can do that. I mean, I have already tried with adding images under the “My Games”/“Democracy4”/“mods” folder, but the preview image does not appear in the white box where it should be (I am referring to the white square/box in the game, when you are creating mods inside of the game).

Does (you Cliff Harris or someone else) know how to fix this?

Edit: I think I actually fixed it!