Ignore tanks slider


Each ship should be assigned an slider from 0 to 99 called opportunism (OP), wich would be set up the same way as “fighter/frigate/cruiser” priority. High value would mean that the ship tends to prioritize soft targets over hard targets

Each ship should be assigned a tankiness rating

tankiness = Defensive Modules Value/ Total Ship Value
or NumberOfDefModules/TotalNumber of modules

And priority should be, for any target type
PR = PR * (1-tankiness/ (OP%))

Rght now it’s too easy to build a few tank ships with only armor, who will soak the damage for your DPS ships.


Gunners are already smart enough to switch targets away from immune targets after a few shots, especially if you remove their “cooperative” orders. Adding “rescuer” orders takes this a step further and actively prioritizes firing targets.

The drivers, however, are not affected by any of this, which is the actual problem. It’s not just armor tanks, any target that drivers may seize on (be it fighter, fleeing target, or stationary) can be used against them. Once a target is chosen, they won’t leave it alone until it’s destroyed.