Sustained fire order

This order would use a -100 to 100 slider.

On 100, the ship would strongly prefer to sustain it’s fire on a single target. On -100 it would strongly prefer to move it’s fire between targets frequently.

I see the most use out of the -100 order, to have ships that spread their love over as much of the enemy fleet as possible. This would be most useful for dedicated armour breakers or EMP vessels. I suspect it would also be useful for antifighter missiles (as it would hopefully result in each missile targeting a seperate fighter, resulting in less wastage (when you fire 6 missiles at one fighter, you’re often wasting 3 or 4 of them.) It would also look cool.

I can see a similar need for this for the driving AI as well. All it takes to squash up an opposing fleet real good is to stick a single ship (or one of each type) forward and ahead of your formation - since it’s the closest target, the AI is going to drive towards it on the approach regardless of orders.

Of course then you’re talking about an order that probably takes into account what other ships are doing.

Rescuer orders work for the gunners somewhat, but they can be pretty hit or miss when combined with other orders.

If Cliff put all the suggested orders in the game, the list would break through the top of your screen, and hit the moon! put this one is a good idea. What happens at zero?