Improved lights

So…maybe its just me and nobody noticed but the car light colors for indicators and reverse lights were never right, and the LED reverse lights were blank! Much better as of the next update…

That does look better.

While we are on the improvement subject - when will we be able to add some of the other wheels to the suv - pick up - and compact class cars? I have customers jonesing for gold wheels on their sport compacts. The basic - 5 point - and alloy options aren’t cutting it.

Also - racing stripes for sports cars and running boards / 4x4 option / and lift kits for trucks would be neat. Trucks would also be cool with the regular cab, extended cab, and quad cab options.



It was intentional to not have those as options for those car models as it seemed to be unlikely that they were mass market items on those vehicle styles?
Regarding other stuff like racing stripes etc, no immediate plans but eventually we will have some DLC done that adds new designs for EVERY existing car, which should include some more interesting options.

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