Inaccurate Missiles are Inaccurate... Unless Fired by Enemy.

Yeah… I feel inadequate now

did anyone note the problem of a missed missile requiring friends instead enemy.
This is common problem of naval torpedos and remember FFI signal has to be transmit
making easy for enemy missiles to target the signal sender.

I don’t think anybody cares about the technobabble behind it, what matters is the gameplay imlplications.

Agreed in full. This is GSB…we don’t need no stinkin’ IFF (Interrogatory Friend or Foe) transponders! :wink: It’s enough that Cliffski simply set things up as they are.

The current game mechanic eloquently calculates hit or miss upon the instant the weapon is fired,
the beam / missile track is just for [gratuitous] show.

Updating and recalculating weapon resolution multiple times would require gratuitous extra coding
and data structures to retrofit, which would affect frame rate, etc.

Cliffski is doing this for a living,
what is the the extra gratuitousness worth to you?

I would consider it a needed feature for GSB 2, a game i’d HAPPILY pay $60 for. If cliff put effort into making more classes, an intigrated mod support system, some simple dev tools for hulls, and a more collaborative multiplayer setup?

CLEARLY worth as much as a AAA game to me!

Well, new hull models requires paying a graphic artist,
the hull dev tools involve third party CAD software,
multiplayer beyond challenges would require major redesign
along the lines of the half year of work put into the campaign system;
OTOH, mods are easy as the configurations are stored in text files,
perhaps better documentation of the configuration files
in conjunction with the Gratuitous Modding forum
would increase your enjoyment.

I’m learning 3D modeling so i can make my own hulls, and am comfortable moding modules. The dev tools would be a stable build of the current ship editor. The multiplayer would be what Ramcat has mentioned in his thread, along with some refinements. (A multiplayer challenge, with integrated chat via a hosted IRC network maybe? with the TEXT FILES for deployments and orders being shared not the full combat simulation. Of course, this would require deterministic combat.)

And if he puts in a year or two of work on it, it sells as well as GSB, and it costs 30-45 dollars or more (for the more complex, more fully featured game?)? is that really a problem?

Me with my total mastery of Turing, agrees. Coding hell, but it would be f’ing AMAZING