Interest rate


What causes the sudden drop in interest rate? I’m guessing it has something to do with the global economy striking the low point and starting to increase again but I don’t know much about this.
I’m pretty sure that’s what saved my economy as I went from a 20-30bn deficit into 35bn surplus over a single turn.


Your credit rating is determined (certainly primarily, and I believe entirely) by your debt/GDP ratio, which is in the top right corner.

Looking at the chart, you’ll notice that in the two quarters immediately prior to the interest rate dropping, your GDP was increasing at a faster rate than your debt. Therefore, although your debt total was increasing, your debt/GDP ratio was decreasing. The credit rating agencies became more confident about your ability to service your debt and improved your rating, which dropped your interest rate, dropping your interest payments, and sorting your deficit!

Now, next time you get a market meltdown (which slam-dunks your GDP), check the charts and watch it happen in reverse…


MARKET MELTDOWN, had that in my first game right at the trough of the GLOBAL BUST cycle.

Needless to say the PEOPLE were not happy. Hmm I wonder if you can be ASSASINATED by your own ministers :slight_smile: