Is it possible to actually finish driving lessons?

Noticed while playing the game that even when you reach 100% in driving you can still get lessons and you never actually pass the class.

You don’t get a certificate or anything like you do for the classes. Once you get the Driving skill to 100% and buy a car, you’ll have the option to drive to work.

maybe there should be a driving exam, with success based on stress :smiley:

I must have a nack for finding these bugs. When you do a crossword if you abort it the ticking sound keeps playing in the background. If you fire up another one then you get double ticking, etc, etc. I had to save game and exit/reload before I could get rid of it.

When using the keyboard and learning to play the skill is mis-typed and has something like nv_keyboard_music in the display.

Driving exam sounds like a good idea. :slight_smile: