List of suggestions

Really promising gaming. I enjoyed it a lot, thank you. I’d keep my suggestions short and in priority order.

Higher Objectives – simply keeping positive bank balance is not good enough, neither positive cash flow nor staying in market. Player should have differed objectives to vary up gameplay. Objectives given by Board such as develop new line of product and remain sustainable, achieve market dominance with low-end car in foreign LDC, survive market shifting caused by vehicle reg fee or fuel tax, develop niche market to compete against dominating firms, reduce debt, achieve stock price etc.

Cost Accounting – please consult a manufacturing accountant about “What information is a production manager needed for decision making?” The concept of sales forecast, direct cost, overhead, break-even and product line accounting

The Role (Focus) – Should player really dictate marketing, pricing and advertising? Not mentioning the current status of simplicity and lacking tools, won’t players be overwhelm to formulate business strategy with marketing, finance, cost/profit centre, vertical/horizontal expansion? In my play experience, monitoring market changes and adjusting prices accordingly interrupt the flow of game. I would rather give general pricing direction to sales agents, e.g. raise/lower premium if stock below/above set value, set lower/upper limit to affordability of targeted market segment, discount old stock. If this game is not taking the direction of Capitalism2, maybe offloading some gaming aspect to in-game Directors/Board.

Minor quality of life improvement – Give player upfront information of unlockable piece shape. A planning mode for factory layout. Information of market segments size and affordability. Showroom optimization by product lines/market segments.