My initial feedback - mainly around stats

Firstly, fantastic game, I’m hooked already - it’s a really addictive premise.

I’m a bit of a tycoon game fan, have been ever since I played transport tycoon for the first time back in the early nineties i guess :slight_smile:

Just wanted to leave my thoughts after my first real game session, 3 or 4 hours in. As I said, I’m a tycoon/management style fan and I love all the associated data!


Firstly, I’d like to see line graphs for each of the elements of expenses over time. It’s great to see the pie chart, but once I have used that to identify an area for cost reduction, I want to see how well I’m doing at reducing it in real terms. Of course a configurable display so I can switch the line for each element on or off would be great.

Going hand in hand with this would be income over time per car model on sale.

I’d also like to be able to see much further back than 30 hours on the line graphs (e.g. How do my profits compare to before I made the last tech tree investment?) with an adjustable axis - either a slider of some sort or a reasonable list of options - 24 hours/ 1 week/ 1 month etc.

I would love to see much more information about my products. Firstly a line graph showing sale price (and sales) over time for each model. Then I think some specific stats would be fun; all per model of course:

Number Sold
Average Purchase Price
Average Profit
Highest Priced Sale
Lowest Priced Sale

Then taking this to the next level you could display your best and worst performing model financially, currently and all time (based on profit made).

Changing tack slightly, a stat for how long each car has taken to traverse the entire production line would be interesting. I have seen the cars/hour stat, but I’d like to click on a car and see how long it has been in my factory. This could also link in with more general stats showing the longest time it has taken a car to be built, the shortest time it has taken, and the current and all-time averages.


I’d like to see overlays used more and the ability to toggle them on and off. For example, I’d like to see my resource conveyors highlighted without having to build any. The same would be useful for the car conveyors in very crowded factories, with some kind of direction of travel indication handy too.

This might not be trivial I guess, but I also like to watch the data whilst playing the game - a dialogue box that can stay open whilst the main game is still being played means I don’t need to change my focus away from the shop floor to see how my latest model is selling. If I can also drag it to an unused corner of the screen then fantastic.


I also noted down a couple of observations about the gameplay - sorry if you have already discussed any of this :slight_smile:

I think the ability to prevent adjacent resource conveyors from connecting would be great.

At the moment I think if you want to change the direction of a section of existing car conveyor you have to delete and relay in the other direction? Being able to do this by dragging over the existing section in the other direction would be handy.

I struggled to decide where to put my ‘office’ area - have you considered implementing a mezzanine style office as per some real factories? This could come with an appropriate associated cost of course…

Finally, one for the future - being a proud Englishman I’d like to see proper localisation between UK and US so I don’t have to see such abominations as hood, trunk and fender :smiley:

I hope my thoughts are helpful, as you can tell, I’d love the data visualisation side of the game to be developed.

Once again, great idea, great game!

Hi, thanks for the feedback, a lot of this is already on my todo list, especially the time each car spends being produced. I’m also English, so yup…I miss my bonnets boots and so on… its on my list :smiley:

That’s good to know, thanks for taking the time to reply :slight_smile:


Looking forward to 1.14 :slight_smile: