lost registration code


Had to reinstall and lost my registration code. I bought the Collectors Edition back in August.
Thank you in advance.


If you bought the game from the website you could always send an email back to “orders (at) bmtmicro (dot) com” and ask for the email again. The support from these people is the fastest i have seen - ever.
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or wait for Cliffski who is also really good about helping with this sorta thing


I’ve re-sent the link,


I also lost my code, bought the collector’s edition a while ago, basically the same as above. Just beat all the levels on all difficulties and with as much honor as I can get, was hoping to use the challenge mode. I was told that you can play your own challenges and wanted to use that as a type of sandbox mode. I know this thread is 2 years old, but its the only thing I could find after about 20 min. Thanks.


Question: have you tried sending an email to orders (at) bmtmicro (dot) com
Even after two years they should have your records.


I’ll try that now, thanks. Also, geez, I thought Bungie’s forums had fast responses…


We aim to please :slight_smile:

BMTMicro usually respond within 24-48 hours.
Please note that its Friday so you might not get a response to Monday.


That’s fine, thank you again, I never expected this kind of quick support.


No Prob,

While you wait, you could try out a few mods :wink: