[M&M Suggestion] Ingredients - quickly spot used ones

I would like to request an ability or marker for the ingredients that are used by me.

Right now, they aren’t ordered and when playing with the maximum setting of ingredient count, it can be difficult to spot which ones you are using right now. As of now, you have to go through them all and see which one has a purchased value or you have to go to the cure that you produce and check which positive effect it has/comes from from the Cures tab.

I would like a small indicator, like a green dot, that indicates ingredients, that are currently being purchased. Maybe even better would be the number of current daily purchases in the main overview on the left side, instead of on the right. That’d be great.

I agree with it, the last sentence sums it up.
We shouldn’t need to hover over the total order of the ingredient by all companies. I want to see mine by default.
Perhaps by hovering over you could see the total if you really want to.

Yeah I can understand why you’d want this. I’ve added this to my list and I will have a think about how this can be improved.

PS Apologies for the late reply, I’ve been busy doing bug fixes and balance tweaks all month!