[Request] Ingredient Management

So I’ve been playing some hours now, and I’ve noticed there is no way of seeing is which ingredients are being used, or in which quantities. In the early game it’s not a problem, but once you have 8 or more ingredients and you unlock a new one, it’s easy to forget which one it was. Also if there was a feature which can tell which “gates” are importing a given ingredient that would be really helpful.

You mean something like this?

Cause it’s already in the game.

Took me a while to find it…

That’s not quite what I meant. Let’s say I’m using a certain ingredient in three of my products, and another is just unlocked so I’m not using that yet. I’d like it to say somewhere, “You are currently importing this ingredient 3 places.” and “You are currently not importing this Ingredient.”

So far as I can tell “purchased in the last month” is completely useless. Sure if I was buying ingredients at a set rate I could perhaps interpret the number and figure it out, but if I’m using a shaker or a centrifuge, it significantly decreases the rate of purchase, and if I’m importing an ingredient for several products that number becomes (once again) useless.