Manual Error Report - Maximum Voting Age

Okay, so I’m super excited for the new DLC, it’s really cool

My only problem is the Maximum Voting Age. Not the policy itself, it’s fun, but the way it’s coded. Having the Maximum Voting Age set to 95 decreases retired turnout more than having it set at 60, which is… the opposite of how such a policy would work.

Also minor gripe the bar starts at the lowest maximum voting age and ends at the highest. I personally think it should go the other way round (with 95 on the leftmost end/minimum implementation of the policy and ending with 60 on the rightmost end/maximum implementation of the policy). It’d work fine either way it just makes more sense to me that way.

Sorry for being such a little shit, I still love the DLC and the game as a whole.


Yikes, I will investigate! sounds like a simple bug… although TBH I thought I had already found and fixed this before release… but it might be that I only fixed it for minimum age.

I know what you mean about the slider, but its a tricky one because it can be argued both ways. On the one hand, a number that goes down as a slider goes up feels weird… BUT, sliders on policies are normally going from mild (left) to strong (right). This matches the policy, because a max voting age of 95 sounds almost reasonable, but one of 60 sounds draconian as hell!