Missile question

I’m designing “Hunter Missiles” for fighters. These little buggers have small warheads, but are highly accurate, and are capable of chasing down enemy fighters. They’re high speed with an enhanced turning speed, allowing them to fly in loops, making several passes to try to hit a fighter.

My question is this: I’m seeing a lot of miss results. if the to-hit “roll” is made when the weapon fires rather than when the missile hits, is there any added effect of having a missile make several passes against a ship/fighter? Will it always just use that exact same hit/miss result?

My understanding is that since the hit/miss calculation is made at time of launch, anything else is external to events and therefore unnecessary. I think it only makes that caluclation once. if the seeking weapon misses, it will keep flying until it uses up its rated fuel or is shot down.

So… it’ll hit straight away or fly around for ages? :I

That’s my understanding of the mechanics of the situation. Just like any other seeking weapon that’s already in the game. Perhaps another veteran player can add his insight here, too?

I would have to agree with you Archduke Astro,
If memory serves, a weapon with tracking projectile has one change at hitting its intended target.
Even if it has enough fuel to circle back it will still miss. (I will test this again tonight, just to make sure my memory is correct)