[Mod] Foreign Threat

Adds a Foreign Military Threat situation for nations with high GDP and International Trade. This situation can be handled by military spending, national service and border controls, and, to some extent, a Space Program.

A high Foreign Threat upsets Patriots, and damages Tourism and International Trade progressively.

In the original game, Military Spending and National Service are not very useful. With this mod, the player needs to stay alert, especially if focusing on international trade.

This mod could use national overrides as a complement. A country with nearby rivals, such as South Korea or Israel, would have an elevated risk of foreign threat, while countries such as Ireland or Switzerland would have very low risk. Possibly, Foreign Relations should also be used as a negative cause (though weak; a nation wouldn’t risk invasion from having too high carbon emissions).
Modforeignthreat.rar (1.55 KB)

Version 0.2 of the Mod.


  • Effects of Foreign Threat are even more progressive (x^3).
  • Intelligence Services now prevent Foreign Threat; Space Program no longer does.
  • Patriots are less upset by Foreign Aid.
  • Arts Subsidies no longer improve Foreign Relations; the effect was too far-fetched.
    EDIT: Poor Foreign Relations increase Foreign Threat.
    Modforeignthreat02.rar (1.45 KB)

Nice concept and great to feel more connected with the rest of the world.

  • Foreign Relations should be a primary trigger. Nations probably wouldn’t JUST go to war over CO2, no, but that’s one minor input to the Foreign Relations simulation. It should be possible to mitigate this threat through maintaining good relations with your neighbours.

  • Not convinced border controls merits an impact, or if so, a very small one. The only national security implication from border controls will be to catch the occasional spy; for me, they’re much more about stopping illegal immigrants & smugglers.

  • Arts subsidies is a valid link. Think of the amount of worldwide cultural influence America gains through Hollywood, or the Bolshoi Ballet touring at the height of the Cold War. Also, it’s hardly a vast effect.

I could possibly re-introduce the link to Arts Subsidies.

Border controls include physical barriers and reconnaissance at borders and in territorial waters, making enemy invasions a little harder. Foreign Relations matter more now.

Do overrides work for events? In that case I would prefer to decrease the impact of enemy attack events; they are far too random, as by now.

I would suggest linking tourism to foreign relations rather than arts subsidies. People don’t necessarily like other countries that export a lot of cultural products–if anything, it just makes their opinion fluctuate more wildly. (When the US is doing well, people like it a lot, when it is doing poorly, people dislike it a lot. Nobody really cares what Mongolia is up to.)

Foreign Threat is now included with First World Problems.