Modding ideas and suggestions

I’ve spent some time in the past experimenting with modding for Democracy 3, and I’d like to suggest a few ideas:

  • I think this might have existed in D3(A) in some form, but I’d like to see the ability to put an entire mod in a single file, such as a zip, to make installation nothing but a drag-and-drop for non-Steam players.
  • An easy method to test for the existence of other mods, so things can be altered for better cross-compatibility. Maybe this could look something like “SomeMod ? SomeSimulation,0+(1*x) : SomeOtherSimulation,0+(1*x)” in the CSV.
  • Allow a policy to require or conflict with other policies.
  • More overrides: Additional flexibility here, such as being able to override political capital costs, financial costs/incomes, and initial policy sliders for countries, would be great. In particular, the ability to completely disable a policy or other item would be nice for mods that go into great detail in a specific area. For instance, a mod that adds highly-detailed tax brackets could benefit from being able to disable some original tax policies in favor of its own.
  • This might be a bit out there, but it could be interesting to have a value per voter-group that represents their ability/likeliness to vote, distinct from population and happiness. This could be used to represent the effects of policies that directly affect a group’s ability to vote, such as voting age for Youth, citizenship laws for Ethnic Minorities, or mail voting for Retired people.
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I think modding isn’t fully implemented yet, because some of the new features don’t work (ex. data/svg isn’t loaded).
There is a Documents/My Games/democracy4/mods folder, so my guess is that mods are meant to be loaded from there not the program files folder, but it doesn’t work currently either.

Correct - in the Trello board ( you can see a card for steam workshop/mod support.