Would it be possible to do some updates/fixes for mods

One thing I’ve liked about Democracy games is the ease of modding, but I’ve found a few issues with trying to mod in Dem4. Particularly overrides with delayed effects, as well as the policy, simulation, and situation csv files being append only.

Even when overrides do work, sometimes they don’t appear on the influences graphics in game.

I’m aware @PARAdoxiBLE has highlighted some issues they’ve faced as well.

It would also be good if there was a way to mod things like corruption reducing political capital costs more easily too, or a way to mod policies defaulting to 0 on implementation, then requiring additional political capital to raise.

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Just write a comment on author’s mod page on steam asking him to fix bugs you’ve found.

You misunderstand. These are mods I’ve made which don’t work, where the only difference from mods that do work is the delayed effect time.

Could you show the code of your policies? maybe you did some error somewhere.

You should try more quality game mod sites, I’m using Tech Loky and it’s quite stable. Instead of waiting, we should look to better sites.