[Modding] Is it possible to mod existing policies or simulations?

Hi. My apologies if a similar topic exist, if it does, I could not find it (this one regard events : Modding existing policies/simulations).

I tried to mod a bit for Democracy 4, but every times, it go back to the thing I want to mod the most : the cost of state companies, and starting policies (for France, mostly : state telephone was privatised a long time ago, so either the slider is at 0.1 or such, or the policy removed alltogether… just an example of the top of my head).

Thing is, I can’t figure out how. For state energy, for example, I would like to rename the existing simulation “private energy industry” to rename it energy demand, and thus, have the cost of the state industry sector scale of that.

The thing is, it look like you can only add new simulation or policies, and not mod existing ones, even if you make the exact same input in the csv files, said input do not overrides those in the base game.

I haven’t tried my hand at modding existing countries, but I suppose it’s the same, it would just make appear a bugged out and blank clone of an existing country.

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Would love to see something like this! This along with being able to override values for events and situations are my most wanted modding tools for the game.