Removing vanilla content via modding

Hello there, I searched the forum a bit to see if this was already answered, but saw no obvious candidates, so I apologize if I’m asking a question which was already asked.

I’d like to know whether it is possible to remove policies, dilemmas, events, situations, simulation etc. via a mod. So is it possible to prevent the content from files like:
Democracy 3/data/simulation/policies.csv
Democracy 3/data/simulation/simulation.csv
Democracy 3/data/simulation/situations.csv
Democracy 3/data/simulation/votertypes.csv
and similar, from being used in simulation while a mod is active?

I realize it’s possible to simply edit the content of these files directly, but I would like to consolidate all the edits the mod introduces into a single folder, so I would rather not edit the main game files directly.

Thank you for your help.


as far as I understand it, you aim to change/remove core element instead of making addition.

I am not sure if this is legal but you can make copy of game core files (policies, votertypes, etc) with any kind of addition removed (no mods, no countries) and change what you want. It would change installation proccess - users will copy exe and countries and other files to mod (Democracy 3 - %name of mod%) instead of the usual process.

However some lists canbe only changed - i.e. votertypes, particles. There is no option to add them to gui and reduction causes crashes. Policies, simulations and situations can be reduced.

What exactly you would like to achieve?

I’m trying to create a total conversion. Basically use the mechanics the game provides for a completely different theme, but I’d like to avoid what you described.

I see this thread is ~2 years old, but it’s exactly what I want to know, so maybe it will come back to life?

I understand all the modding techniques in the text and CSV files. Very clear and open, supporting modding exactly as claimed. But what the last person in this thread wanted to know is, is there a limit to moddability?

For example, let’s say I would like to simulate a public policy agency rather than an entire country. It has internal constituencies who debate what policies should be implemented, executives who try to balance that and also have to deal with political superiors, there are technocrats whose goal is better policy implementation, things like public opinion also. And a budget. Very much like Democracy 3 in terms of having many interacting and competing factors, but enough different that the ‘vanilla’ structure would not really work. For example, there would be no ‘Foreign Affairs’. And ‘Ministers’ would have to be ‘Vice Presidents’ or something.

Could I copy all the Democracy 3 files into another folder and edit however I wish or is there a point at which some kind of background code would choke on the absence of a key file or variable?

I want to say that I am not trying to create a competing game at all. It’s a great game with lots of educational value. I very much respect what has been done, and believe in intellectual property rights. All I’m looking for is some guidance on the limits. Thanks in advance.

Hi… I am trying to do this too. I don’t want to decompile the game to do it when it looks like the options are right there. I’m trying to change the sectors of government names, but it just crashes every time. I’ll let you know if I figure it out.

The above is exactly what I am trying to achieve too! What I have managed to get working so far is:

  1. Created a new mission and removed everything under [policies] in the country.txt
  2. Removed everything but the first row in achievements.csv.
  3. Removed all the policies in policies.csv, added one new policy belonging to one of the new policy groups I created.
  4. In policygroups.csv, I added some policy groups and their corresponding bitmaps, changed angles, although removing the existing vanilla policy groups causes crash (i.e. I haven’t removed all the links.
  5. Removed everything but the first row in pressuregroups.csv.
  6. Removed everything from row K onwards in simulation.csv
  7. Removed everything from row N onwards in situations.csv
  8. Added new voter groups to votertypes.csv.
  9. Removed everything in attacks and events folders.

It doesn’t crash, but it still isn’t what I want.