Modding Video Tutorial

So, I’ve started to make a playlist for my tutorials regarding Mods for Democracy 3. Since I only learned through the official modding guide, (which, by the way, is awesome!) I can say that you don’t necessarily need to watch my videos to learn modding, but I thought it would help to see some of the steps visualised.

I don’t have very much at the moment, but I’ll update this post as I make more videos. It will take me around 3 days in general to find time to make a new video.

So let me know what you think! Also, this is probably a good time to warn you that English is not my first language xD

Part 1 - Setting the Stage for your Country

Part 2 - Adding custom Policies

Part 3 - Finishing Touches on Policies - Sliders and Icons

Part 4 - Fancy Blue Buttons - Adding Simulations

Part 5 - Situations and Grudges