Hello !

I put together all my old mods along with some new ones. i hope this site will stay online.

And here are the new nations,improved.

(versions in first file have errors)

I’ve mirrored this for you here:

Thanks !

In the files there are only nations,however, and rest of my mods is in the first file. i also forgot to place the sound file for one of the mods,so here are all the mods without nations (163 KB zip):

Sorry for me being so scatterbrained, but if you can , mirror them too.

I played for hours using these mods with no crashes and pretty good game balance,so i think they are error free and nice.

I think i am going to create a lot of new mods now, because political situation in Poland is currently quite depressing for liberals like me,and i need some way to ease my emotions :frowning:

Best regards,


I think the deepspace event causes an error that crashes the game, when I removed it the crashes stopped, other than that, they’re great.

I fixed the deepspace event. Error was in the Effects ,i spelled “Patriots” with s , instead of “Patriot”.

I included new event about music in this zip,which i hope works ok. … nmusic.RAR

I added a pack of new sounds,like coughing or fanfare,and updated my modded events to use them. … sounds.RAR

I also added new event,“bankrupt”,wchich increases the difficulty of the game by making debt crisis much more dangerous. (you can delete it if you want easier play)

There is also one new non-cancellable policy, Driving safety laws, about such things as drunk driving,seatbelts,airbags etc.

Here is graphical icon for this policy: …

Today 4 new dilemmas, Unusual Treasure,Anorexia Prevention,Ban Pornography and Allow Private Money.

I can’t get any of these .rar files to unpack.

maybe you have some wrong version of the WinRAR archiver,try to download
other types of unpackers. I have no problems with unpacking these files on my computer.

I suggest using 7-Zip, it can do rar, zip, and a lot of others.

I am an idiot. I was right clicking and saving the links rather than clicking them and then downloading!

Three new dilemmas - Chocolate Cigarettes, Animal Footbridges, and

Electricity change.

Also included new country - ireland.

You must run the game in 1280x1024 resolution to be able to choose Ireland.