[Mod\New Country] Utopia

This is my first mod so go easy on me :slight_smile:
Its not really my idea but something I remember from Democracy 2.


  1. Download rar
  2. Unzip to mods folder (usually Program Files (x86)\Democracy 3\data\mods )
  3. Choose utopia when starting new game

Country name: Utopia

The history is that in 2113 the world decide to unite into one state and thereby abandon the idea of Nationsstates. As everything has to start from scratch there will be no policies active. Where policies can not be disabled they will be set to the low extreme (IE. Handgun law is set to No restrictions)

There are a couple of features i build in to the missions as i thought it fitted well to the history.

  • Very high inequality - lots of poor people, many wealthy not to many middle class
  • Lots of farmers, and religious people
  • Not to many fat people
  • Extra possibilities for class war
  • Names from around the world
  • Flag for Utopia
  • New country stats (IE. Lots of people (game seems to crash if set to 7bil people so not that high, )
  • Lots of possible strikes as it seems fair to expect a lot of tension when uniting a hole world into one system

Enjoy \ Feedback/suggestions welcome
utopia.rar (61.8 KB)

I’ve played around with this for a little while now and I think it’s very promising. I like being thrown in at the deep end with a country in ruins and I like the blank slate. I want to play with it more and see if I can beat it before I post any proper feedback but three things that immediately jump out that might need tweaking are:

  • It’s insanely easy to get assassinated on account of so many problems.
  • By introducing income tax at a modest level the budget jumps to hundreds of billions meaning that nothing is a problem to buy.
  • The description of the country is poorly worded and could do with a rewrite to make it easier to read.

I’ll expand more on these points if you like :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback so far. Glad you like the idea.

  1. Yeah i usually get assassinated when i tested it too. Else i get like 1% of votes when election come, the scenario might be to difficult altogether. Helps to deal with crime first though, and put Intelligence on max, and ‘bribe’ the usual suspect with policies they like, like raising a lot of policies that make the poor happy to avoid being killed by the communist. I’m not sure how to handle this problem in the mod though, i don’t think the likelihood of assassination are mod-able?
  2. I haven’t played the other country a hole lot, but so far it seems like its the game that is unbalanced, at least i had the exact same thought when i played the game with Germany. (I think the fix should be to multiply unhappiness from different tax policies. Right now you can have both income tax and flat income tax. In that way you can tax like 150% of income (75%+75%) + taxes on products (Sales, airline ect.)
  3. Suggestion would be much appreciated as you might suspect English is my second language.