My Recommendations for Improvement. . .Mostly Quality of Life Items

I’ve only played Democracy 4 in this series.
I’ve been gaming for more than 30 years.

A couple of recommendations.

First, we need a Hotkey/Control reference. I mean, in the most recent update I was told there was a hotkey back button added, but no where was I told what that was. It makes me wonder what other hotkeys there are that I have no clue about because i can find no reference to them anywhere.

Second, a “Quick Complete” hotkey for some of the animated events. The big one that comes to mind is the speech event. The first time or two it was interesting to watch the line graph and hear the cheers and boos happen. Now it’s simply tedious. It has gotten to the point that unless I really need the percentage to win an election then I’m not even bothering with it. An unused game mechanic is a wasted game mechanic.

Third, a listed interface of all policies that are changeable. The primary graphic interface you have is great. It’s real pretty, but I am not familiar enough with what the different icons are to know what they mean just by looking at them. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent trying to find different policies or wanted to just be able to scroll through and make a series of small adjustments but I can’t. A list, one you can scroll down and see a small slider would be invaluable to those of us new to the game that have not already memorized what all the different icons stand for.

Next, as you already know, the liberal/socialist path needs some serious re-balancing. If you go this path its not even hard to get re-elected. I think the 1st re-election I faced was the closes, even that one I won like 67% of the vote. Usually by the time I am up for re-election a second time, I’m winning by with more than 90% of the vote. I don’t know enough UK voting history, but at least in the United States, the single largest landslide victory for a Presidential election was in 1920 when Warren G. Harding won by a 26.17% margin. Something with this really needs to be re-worked. It should not be this easy to win by more than double historical record margins so quickly into a political career. At least not without some sort of major world event influencing it. In Harding’s case the US had just come out of WWI, according to what I’ve read, that had a major influence in the results.

From what I saw pretty much any path makes it trivial to get reelected eventually, though liberal is probably the fastest to do so