Narcotic Policy


I just got the game and something is extremely wrong here. Narcotic enforcement is a huge cost to society. In the 2010, the US spent about 15 billion on drug control. While I do not dispute that making it legal would have the negative consequences that the game puts in, there would also be positive economic effects.

Is there any plan to implement this in a future patch?


I have to agree with the above poster to some degree.
Anytime you make a thing that human beings desire illegal, you increase crime, gangs,negatively impact GNP, negatively effect Law enforcement/ intelligence’s (having more work). Same with gambling and prostitution.
Now I’m not saying that legalizing said vices are some miracle cure or anything and should not have some negative costs to society, but the present game choices are backwards. Outlawed and not impact on crime? Legalized and a increase in crime? how is that. It is because a thing is illegal, that is what brings in criminals.
Examples, Alcohol prohibition, huge increase in gangs & violence, “Drug War” same. In the 80’s many levels of Canadian government increased tobacco taxes greatly and we went from an almost non existent tobacco smuggling, to where they were catching trailer trucks full of contraband smokes, stretched police and broader services, etc. They saw the light and reduced taxes :slight_smile:
Here’s to hoping Dem3 resolves those challanges.