Criticism: Narcoties Law and Crime

Something that really upset me about D3 which is still in D4 is that legalizing narcotics increases crime instead of decreasing it. I can give stuidies and statistics from North America and Europe that show this legalization decreases crime. Before I do that, think about it logically. You are taking crimes off the books that you are no longer procuting people for, and removing one of the biggest cash cows for organized crime.

On another note, drug use should be there even if it’s illegal (like in D3.) Drugs are an inelastic good that will be sought out legal or not, the primary limiters being access and price.


Organized Crime falls, but Crime still rises.

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I thought the logic here was about drugs are making people to do crimes.

I would say that hard drugs may make people do crimes, like PCP.

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