National Hydro Program

Here’s an idea; it reduces your dependency on oil by a lot but it upsets ethnic minorities. What I have in mind is Hydro Quebec.

That’s interesting. In Brazil we have 80% of electric energy generated by that kind of source. Our demand in gas or charcoal is minimal compared to other countries. The main impacts here are for the environment. Social impact does exist, but it’s not on ethinic minorities, but the poors. Yeah, sometimes it affects the natives, but almost never.

Those impacts on poor/natives are only partial, since they are alocated in new regions and gets pension with the government - their upsetness solves with time - I don’t know about the pension. Also, they are like 0,01% (at best 20K persons) of the national population which is affected in a negative manner compared to 200+ million people here. For each hydroelectric damm of course. The construction of a hydroelectric dam is positive, even if the government has to move several families away (at least here in Brazil).

Also, for environment, the hydroelectric dams are less like to affect it in a negative way than thermoelectric usines. the main impact is forming a lake - and huge amounts of concret and CO2 generated at the construction site.

Also, those costs a lot! Also, not all countries may have those, due to geographics.

I still wants too see nuclear power plants - in SuperPower Mod it causes a brutal negative effect on environment, which I think it’s not that fair. It should be very expensive, though.

The Clean Energy Subsidies could represent hydroelectric, as well as solar, wind and geothermal power.

I think maybe trhough a dilemma, but not policy. Like: there’s a energy crisis dead ahead. You may build a dam or raise energy prices.

Build it!
Building a dam would cost money, upset ethnics and environmentalists, please capitalists, raise energy eficiency (or not) and decrease oil demand. No changes on rich, middle and poor income.

Don’t build it.
Not building it would please ethnics and environmentalists by a lot!, upset capitalists, decrease rich, middle and poor income. (middle and poor are always more affected). It still needs balancing to not build it.

I made some Dilemmas for my mod, had none for Hydro Energy, if it’s ok for you i will take this idea and use it

Well, I’m flattered you liked it. Yes, you can use that! Be my guest, but I think that idea might need some balancing.