Nationalizing industries?

I really like the ability to nationalize private industries in the game, and the ability to set up state services instead of private services. But…

Why do I need to nationalize the entire telecoms and energy industries when I adopt the State Telecom and State Energy policies? The existence of a state-run energy/telecom company does not necessarily mean that all private companies in those industries need to be nationalized. In addition to the state-run telecoms and energy company policies, there should be separate policies for banning private telecoms and private energy/utility companies. There are already separate options in the game for a State Health service and State Schools, and for actually banning private education and private healthcare.

I would suggest making the game more consistent, by having the option to set up state-run companies/services without nationalizing all private companies in those industries (like what already exists for hospitals and schools in the game).


Indeed, there ought to be a continuum, not an all-or-nothing policy like this.
There’s also models where the government effectively sub-contracts companies to push down prices while at the same time effectively giving monopolies to the company that manages to get the job. (Generally the lowest bidder given the mandated requirements)

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Agree, e.g. NHS is subsidised yet there are plenty of private facilities that operate alongside it (as an example)

It’s the same case for National Rail. Private contractors are used in roughly the same way as for the NHS.