Need More Control Over Immigration

Playing the Alpha was fun yesterday!

But I still see the same problem with immigration as with the previous game. When GDP is maxed out, it is inevitable that your country will eventually become nearly 100% ethnic minorities, and there is little room to control immigration’s effect on health, unemployment, wages etc. without extreme policies. Even if you set border controls to retina scan, build border wall at max and institute citizenship tests at max, it will not make a dent in immigration to the max GDP country.

Those former three policies are the peaceful ones in my opinion; as in they don’t violate the rights of the citizenry; it’s an issue of sovereignty. So then the only thing you can do thereafter is ban foreign church service, which definitely does lower immigration to zero with all the other policies combined. I don’t think this is realistic at all.

Maybe there should be some other policies that could be instituted in addition to/in place of the border policy at retina scan, citizenship tests and border wall, instead of having to ban a religion to control immigration flow. Here are a few ideas:

-Deportation buses/deportation squads (or ICE agency); which will enforce the country’s immigration laws from minimum to extremity
-An E-Verify system that prevents employers from hiring illegal immigrants/puts more stringent requirements on work authorization, which would lower immigration influx
-Work visas, which will let the player still accept immigration from people with special skills/contracted workers while rejecting the general flow of immigration
-Troops on the border, which will prevent part of the influx at the source
-Stop and Frisk, an extreme measure which would allow immigration officers to check papers of those overstaying their visa (also a good idea for extreme law and order policy)

Maybe some of y’all on the forums could add to this list!


I’m sure some would definitely love to play our their fascistic fantasies with Democracy 4, since games are always a great outlet for experimenting with moral decisions (e.g. Frost Punk, This War of Mine). In general, I’m all for a weird and wide variety of policies and slider elements, because there are so many terrible ideas in the real world put into place, it makes it more realistic for sure!

I agree more policies, especially regulating what kinds of immigrants to accept are needed. It is however even now possible to significantly decrease immigration through border controls + citizenship tests + ban foreign church service + borderwall which ends up being just about enough to combat the impact of gdp.

I agree, in my experience GDP at 100 means means immigration around (i have to go back to check but around 60-70 with maxed boarder controls and testing) which eventually leads to near 80% ethnic minorities in a about a dozen turns.

In the real world countries set a hard cap on immigration. You should have a policy where you can limit (legal) immigration to some % of your population.

Annual immigration into the UK is around 100-200 thousand which is about 0.3% of the population. I think experience indicates that an amount larger than that means a political revolution and smaller than that means lowered foreign relations.

Maybe what is currently immigration in the game should be changed to “desired immigration” (how much people want to come here). You should be able to set an limit to "actual immigration (modeled separately). The difference between that limit and desired immigration should affect foreign relations and illegal immigration.